Easy Diving in North Bali. No more than 4 divers per group

Diving in Bali. That’s what our resort is all about.


Divecenter, Diving School, Diving Courses, Fun Diving and even the Divesites fulfill any checklist for quality and safety standards. At the same time we do everything to maximize the fun factor throughout all diving activities. Here on the island of Bali we have blended everything that we liked most as paying divers on all continents and everything we often missed. Our diving excursions take care of everything to guarantee fun, safety and service. Our “max. 4 divers per group”-promise is an important prerequiste for this goal.

Every diver can stay below as long as he wants and nobody has to surface with a tank still being full of air.

Your bottom time is only limited by your air consumption and no deco limit. Otherwise we wouldn’t call it Fun Diving.
Your scuba gear is being completely taken care of by our staff. They assemble and carry and wash it for you. Nitrox is available without surcharge and of course there is oxygen for the (extremely unlikely) case of emergency on every boat, even if we haven’t ever had to use it. Drinking water is available everywhere and between the dives we share fresh fruits like banana, papaya, watermelon or mangos. Mostly from our own garden.