Top Divesites and Divespots around North Bali Divecenter

Diving in Bali is offering an incredible variety of underwater landscape and marine life.

Blenny am Coral Garden vor Nusa Menjangan

About our diving spots
No matter if you are an entry level diver or an diving instructor; an underwater photographer or filmer; a passionate diver at home or an occasional vacation diver: We will take care of all special needs. There are some 20 divesites in our area, plus the famous island of Menjangan in the West Bali National Parc, the World Class Muck Diving sites of Secret Bay and Puri Jati and also Tulamben with its spectacular WW II wreck. On calm days you may wish to spend hours of diving in front of our location. It’s great muck diving below a jetty and between rocks and a wreck. Shallow 3 – 6m dives, so it can be easy diving, desaturation diving or just relaxed diving on a day before you want to go hiking to a vulcano.

In our divecenter all our divers can spend as much time under water as they wish, as long as there is still air and non deco time. That’s what we call Fun Diving!

The North Bali Sea is like made for diving. It’s habitat for some many different species of corals like there are nowhere else in the world. Consequently the variety of fish is overwhelming: Parrotfish, Batfish, Damselfish, Trigger-, Box-, Scorpionfish, Frogfish, Seahorse, Ghostpipefish, you name it…. Not to forget the many different kinds of nudibranches! In a warm ocean (27 – 30C / 80 – 86F) with shallow reeftops (around 5m – perfect for safety stops without even recognizing) there are the ideal conditions for long dives. And we do not limit your diving time. Only air and nitrogen do. This is the way diving is meant to be!


Unfortunately there is a Halo-effect with Menjangan. This island in the West Bali National Parc is so super-famous, that nobody is talking about some 20 reefs east of it. Many of them are not unsimilar to Menjangan slopes with their coral gardens. But maybe this effect is even fortunate for us? We are diving at so many fantastic reefs in a 45min diameter around our divecenter and typically there are no other divers. Namely there are stars like Magic Forest, Ships’ Graveyard, Close Encounters or Gondol, just to mention a few. Whenever conditions permit, underwater photographers and makro fans spend hours in front of our resort: There is fantastic muck diving between a jetty, a wreck and an artificial reef construction project.

Secret Bay

For many experienced divers and underwater photographers Muck Diving is the best part of diving in Bali. Secret Bay ist probably the best known divesite for Muck Diving. Neither bad visibility, nor rubbish and “cold” water (it can be as cold as 24C/75F) can prevent divers from visiting this shallow bay. Seahorse and Frogfish are an almost certain reward.


is one of the rising stars among Indonesia’s divesites and getting more and more attention. It is also a wonderful playground for muck diving lovers. We are diving across black vulcanic sand and discover mimic octopus and rhinopia; sehorse and ghostpipefish are hiding in the seagrass. If you are an underwaster photographer you can’t miss this divesite!


Tulamben ows its great reputation among scuba divers to the wreck of the USS Liberty (or was it a modified vessel of the liberty class? – The opinions differ) from World War II. Divers can explore this wreck from shore, between 6 and 30m depth. It needs some fantasy though to imagine this gigantic playground was a ship. After getting hit by a torpedo, the ship was being towed to Singaraja but didnt make it because of an air strike. So the wreck was left on the beach and free to be used as source of building material throughout almost 20 yeare, When Gunung Agung erupted in 1963, the lava masses drove the wreck into the deep. A great colourful dive, worth a 2 hours drive from our place, even if there are hundreds of divers at times


If anybody is thinking about diving in Bali, probably Menjangan is one of the names that comes to mind first. It is a small island with white sandy beaches in the West Bali National Parc. Below the surface there are coral slopes and droppoffs that can even be seen from the boat before you start diving. Menjangan is enjoying an excellent reputation among scuba divers and snoklers in the entire world. And without doubt, it deserves it. In addition to the usual suspects we can see sharks and turtles on lucky days. On our way from the resort to Menjangan sometimes we get accompanied by dolphins and flying fish.