Non Limit Diving


Easy and relaxed diving without time limit at all our divesites!

“Non limit diving” has become equal to squeezing as many dives in a day as possible in some groups of divers. There are liveaboards where 4 or even more dives per day are considered normal. We do not share this approach. We do strongly believe that less is more.

North Bali Divecenter is all about easy going and hasslefree fun diving without time pressure and haste. Sleep late? Have a second coffee after breakfast? Any time! We do not accept a photographer getting mobbed because he decides to change the lens again before the boat is leaving. Take your time and enjoy every moment.

Most of our divers are coming here because this is exactly the way they wish scuba diving to be. Even without haste and hurry we can give a maximum of planning freedom and flexibility to all our divers. The following options are possible:

  • Departure between 8:30 and 10:00. Two dives with surface intervals on the boat. Return between 13.00 and 17:000. This is the most frequently chosen schedule. The advantage is to enjoy a massage or a fresh juice next to the pool or spend some afternoon time sorting and optimizing the underwater pictures in photoshop. This does however not mean it is the only available choice. Some of the alternatives are:
  • Two boat trips with a dive in the morning and in the afternoon. Lunch break on shore in our resort.
  • One boat trip with three dives.
  • A trip with two dives in the morning and another trip with one dive in the afternoon. (this choice is limiting the possible divespots!)
  • Furthermore housereef dives (muck-diving!) are always possible if conditions permit.
  • On daytrips to Secret Bay or Puri Jati an additional (night) dive is possible, if conditions permit.

We are doing the daytrips either by boat or by car, depending on destination. Subsequently providing a car and a boat on one day is not possible for one group. We promise“maximum group size 4 divers” and doing so we are assuming to deal with team players. 12 divers means 3 groups and not 12 individual plans. Our boats must be in parking position before dusk.

We include daytrips to Secret Bay Puri Jati and also to Tulamben without the usually added surcharges in our “non limit” packages.

We do also include one daytrip per week to Menjangan island in the national park West Bali. For packages below 7 days and for more than one trip in a week an additional charge of Rp. 500.000,- for boat and national park tickets apply. Diving in the national park is limited to two dives a trip.