Best Value for Money: “443”

Book an All You Can Do Package for 3 divers and bring 1 diver for free or take a 25% Discount


No matter if you are a family, two couples or 4 mates from the diveclub: We have an unbeatable offer for you:

You chose the North Bali Divecenter "all you can do" - package for 10 nights or more and pay only for 3 divers! That's a discount of 25% for your group and equals the following prices per person:

  • In a beachhouse room or four persons in a family bungalow: 97,75 € per night and person (instead of 130,00 €)
  • In a bungalow: 105 € per night and person (instead of 140,00 €!)
for 15 nights or more price goes down another 7,50 € less per night!

... and this pays for accommodation and anything we are offering! As a group you will enjoy an additional advantage: You can make the choice of where to go the next day simply among each other! Where to dive? What kind of sightseeing? Just let us know your wish and there will be a boat with a diveguide or a car with a driver at you command. This is certainly the easiest option for diving in Bali and the best value for money!

Any more questions?

Please send us a message right now and we will provide you any additional information you wish!