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Bali is not only famous for fantastic coral reefs and marine life but also for its wonderful landscape and culture. Whereever you go in Bali, there is something to admire: Rice terraces, vulcanoes, waterfalls, coffee and chocolate plantations, and temples, markets and ceremonies. We are inviting you to experience some of these natural and cultural treasures by offering landtrips and hikes. If there is some time left in the afternoon after diving, you might consider a little excursion. Many divers also use to take a day off or two within a week which gives the opportunity to discover Bali above the surface. On special occasions, we organize traditional dance or music performances at our restaurant. We do also celebrate all set ceremonies at our resort and our guests are always welcome to watch or take photos.


You can see the colorful traditions in Bali every day and everywhere. There are costumes, processions, dances and ceremnies. Living in the village of Penyabangan we respect the old traditions and observe several customs, like the annual blessing of cars, boats and machines, or the anniversary of our temple. On several occasions we do invite dancers or music groups for pre- or post-dinner performances.


The temple on a mountain peak above our neighbor village Banyupoh is a hidden treasure. An almost endless stairway is leading up and only passionate and patient hikers make it to the top. Their reward is a stunning view to the ocean and the coastline.


The trail leading up to Batu Kursi temple is far easier and shorter than the previous. We start at the Hot Spring Temple in Pemuteran and walk up to one of the hills just above some of our favorite divespots. After 20-30min we can relax in the shadow and drink some water while enjoying the view to our reefs, that are often visible below the surface shining in light blue.


To visit 3 – 5 temples of our neighborhood by car without hurrying we need at least 2 hours. So it can be easily done after two dives in the early afternoon. We start at Pura Melanting where business people are coming to pray for success from all over Bali. From ther we move on to Pura Pulaki which is home to countless ans sometimes very nasty monkeys. Just across the road of Pulaki there is Pura Pabean, located on a small hill above the ocean with a fantastic view. If you would like to see 5 instead of only 3 temples, we can start at Pura Kerta Kawat and include Air Panas in Pemuteran, before we continue to Pulaki. Obviously this tour can be adjusted, shortened or extended. Many of our guests decide to combine it with a pleasant walk from Kerta Kawat to Melanting through vienyards, mangotrees and a goat farm. It can also be combined with one or both of the above mentionned hikes.


This trip is especially recommandable after Diving in Puri Jati. Within some 15min from Puri Jati you can visit the only Buddhist monastery in North Bali. With its gardens and stupas it looks a little bit like a bonsai version of Borobodur. From there we continue our trip to the nearby hot springs of Banjar. There are several pools within a shady parc which are being filled with hot sulfurous water from dragonheads. The water pressure is perfect for a nice back massage. Obviously you can spend more time in the hot springs if you decide to leave out the monastery.


This one is definitely our topseller among our landtrips. We start at 9:00 to see several of the most famous sightseing sites in North Bali. We can either start with Hot Springs and Buddhist monastary of Banjar. Or we go straight through Bali’s former capital Singaraja to the waterfalls of Gitgit. From there we go further into the mountains to the temple Ulun Danu at lake Bratan. Next is the famous market for fruits, vegetables, spices (and souvenirs) in Bedugul. On the way back via Munduk we will visit a coffee plantation.


The trip to the sunrise on top of Mt. Batur is a great opportunity for early birds. We start at 2:00 am to make sure to be earlier than the sun. You can either go back down immediately or you can hike around the caldera with fantastic views.


We meet at 3:45 for a short coffe-and-cookie-breakfast and reach Jawa by ferry around sunrise. There we are being picked up by a four wheel jeep that brings us from the harbour Ketapang in Banyuwangi up to village Licin and then following small roads through clove and coffe plantation, bee hives and finally rain forrest. At the ranger station at 1.850m we get out of the car and start our hike. After about 1hr we reach a little at 2.100m. Here at latest we will meet the porters of sulfur, that is being brought down from the crater. Their harvest is being weightened at the hut. They carry around 80kg in average. From here it’s another 30m up to the highest point. It can be pretty cold and windy up here. Unless the wind carries the yellow smoke upwards, it is worth climbing down the 200m into the crater and watch how the sulfur is being cut out. Climbing back up we will see the incredible performance of the porters, almost running with their heavy loads and sometimes even singing. On our way back down we can take a break at the hut and/or have lunch at a typical Javanese food stall. At around 4:00pm we are back at the ferry. This trip is an adventure to an area with very limited infrastructure. (complaints about missing toilets, dirty coffee cups and similar Western ideas are strongly discouraged) In case of bad weather the trip may have to be stopped.


Steep mountains, rain forrest, wild valleys and never ending rice terasses. On the rafting boat you get impressions that are completely inaccessible by any other means of transportation. Since we did this trip with all employees as our annual field trip in 2010, we do also offer it to our guests. We start in the morning, spend the time between 11:00 and 13:00 on the water ride (mind you: sometimes it’s getting really wild) followed by buffet lunch. Normally you are back early enough for a massage before dinner.