Dive Courses

from beginner to professional

With shallow reef tops and warm, clear water, the north of Bali offers the perfect conditions for undertaking dive courses. We offer private lessons and courses for families or groups of friends. The courses are typically run in a calm and collected manner and the learning pace is set by the students.

We train according to the guidelines of SDI (Scuba Diving International). SDI is a member of the umbrella organization WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council), which is why our qualifications are recognised by all other diving associations worldwide.

Scuba Diving International

Der Einsteigerkurs („Führerschein“) für Tauchen wird Open Water Diver (OWD) genannt. Dieser Kurs besteht aus Theorie, Erlernen aller Fertigkeiten im Pool (ein Tag) und vier Freiwassertauchgängen (zwei Tage). Wenn Du magst, kannst Du den theoretischen Teil der Ausbildung in einem e-Learning Kurs absolvieren, bevor Du zu uns kommst. Ansonsten planen wir die Theorielektionen zwischen den Übungen im Pool und den Tauchgängen, dann dauert der Kurs ca. einen Tag länger. Wir fangen im flachen Wasser des Swimming-Pools an und schwimmen erst in den tieferen Bereich, wenn Du Dich mit Maske und Atemregler wohl fühlst. Und wenn Du alle Übungen sicher und mühelos im Pool geschafft hast, geht es ins Meer, wo Du vom ersten Tauchgang an auch schon Korallen und Fische bewundern kannst. Dein Brevet (vulgo Tauchschein) stellen wir Dir sofort nach dem Kurs zur Verfügung. Es gilt weltweit und lebenslang für das Tauchen mit Partner bis zu 18m Tiefe.

This course comprises 5 open water dives, each focused on a different specialty with only deep diving (max. 30m) and underwater navigation set. For the other three dives, we recommend advanced buoyancy control, night diving, and drift diving. The course offers you the opportunity to broaden your experience, and it is recommended to enrol immediately after the OWD. As an Advanced Adventure Diver, your depth limit is 30m.

Diving with confidence will develop with regular practice and exposure to different underwater conditions. However, many real-life encounters can be anticipated and taught to prevent you from making common mistakes. We always offer the opportunity for further training with speciality courses in deep diving, advanced buoyancy control, underwater navigation, night diving, drift diving and Nitrox diving.

We can certify divers who have completed 4 specialty courses and a total of 25 dives to the level of Advanced Scuba Diver. Timing and costs are determined individually depending on your level of training.

To be certified as a Master Scuba Diver you need to complete 4 specialty courses, a Rescue Diver course and have logged 50 dives. Timing and costs are determined individually depending on your level of training.

The Rescue Diver course is very theory-focused and most of the swimming and rescue exercises take place on the water surface. Therefore, we suggest to enrol in this course at home at your local Dive School. We are happy to offer this course though if you want to use your vacation for some extra training.

To qualify as a Dive Master you will need to be both an experienced diver as well as an experienced dive guide before you enrol in the course. This means the course is tailored individually to the specific level of experience of each candidate. Timing and costs are therefore different depending on the candidate’s situation. To gain experience an internship at a big dive center is highly recommended.

If you are thinking about making diving your part- or even full-time profession, we can only extend our congratulations! There is hardly a better feeling than seeing the beaming eyes of a person who you guided to experience the colorful underwater wonderland for the first time. This course does not impart new underwater skills but requires them as a prerequisite. The focus is on the planning and implementation of theory and practical underwater lessons. The actual course and exam last two weeks and cost €2,750 including all textbooks and other teaching materials. The course can be taught individually.