Diving Area

Our dive sites have an incredible variety of scenery and abundant life. There are approximately 20 reefs in the immediate vicinity of North Bali Dive Center, as well as the famous coral island of Menjangan in West Bali National Park, the well-known macro and muck dive sites of Secret Bay and Puri Jati, and Tulamben with its spectacular WWII wreck. Every dive is only limited by the no decompression limit and air supply. This is what makes diving with us both safe and enjoyable!

House reef and reefs in close proximity to NBDC

Everybody knows about Menjangan, however, there are approximately 20 reefs located only 5 - 45 minutes by boat from the hotel. Reefs like Magic Forrest, Ships' Graveyard or Close Encounters never disappoint. Here we find hundreds of coral species and a rich diversity of reef-associated flora and fauna. Some of our reefs are essentially pristine and are not visited by any other dive center. Sometimes we join the local fishermen on exploratory trips and we are always amazed at how many surprises diving in Bali has to offer. Our house reef is not a classical reef but offers excellent muck diving in the 3-6m range along a trail featuring a wreck, an on-going artificial reef project and a jetty with plenty of fish and critters to be discovered. An absolute dream for photographers and macro fanatics. The house reef is ideal for early morning and night dives.

Secret Bay

This is a world-renowned site for muck diving. You are highly likely to encounter seahorses and frogfish. There are also dragonets, cane pipefish and mantis shrimp and it is always worth being exposed to 24 degrees-cold water (!) for an hour.

Puri Jati

This location just to the west of Seririt is becoming increasingly popular as a prime site for muck diving in Indonesia. Entering the water from the shore, we dive over dark volcanic sand and discover mimic octopus, dragonets, seaweed and sea pens. There is also a huge variety of crabs to be seen. Puri Jati is an absolute MUST-SEE for photographers.


Menjangan always deserves a mention when talking about diving in Bali as it is one of the most famous dive sites. A small island protected within the West Bali National Park with white sandy beaches and an enormous coral abundance. The colorful overgrown slopes and steep walls can be seen from the boat and, unsurprisingly, Menjangan is also very popular with snorkelers. Apart from the usual suspects (such as puffer fish, trigger fish, clown fish, parrot fish and bat fish), turtles and sharks await us, and we often encounter large schools of mackerel and tuna.

For a divetrip to Menjangan island which is located within West Bali National Parc, we start right after breakfast at 9:00 by car. After some 20min we arrive at a mangrove bay next to the village Banyuwedang, where we hire a public boat. The boat ride to the island takes 30-60min, depending on the conditions of wind and currents. Sometimes the ride is choppy and everything on board may get wet, so don't forget a waterproof bag. As Menjangan is very famous, sometimes there are 10 boats or more at a single divespot, which is why we don't go there on weekends.


owes its fame to the WWII wreck of the USS Liberty. The wreck can be accessed from the beach and stretches from 5 to 30m in depth. It no coincidence that this site is repeatedly found in the Top Ten of various diving magazines – even on subjects other than diving in Bali. However, it takes a bit of imagination to recognise the wreck for what it once was. After being torpedoed the beached ship was plundered. When Gunung Agung erupted in 1963 the advancing lava pushed the shipwreck back into the sea bending and distorting the remains. There is a plethora of fish and vegetation. Everything is exuberantly colorful like an underwater Disney Land. Well worth your while even though the site is popular and always teeming with divers.