Get to know the people who ensure that your diving holiday will be perfect!

Altogether it's a group of some 30 people, making sure your holdiday will be perfect: Gardeners, cooks, room service, diveguides, boatmen, security, therapists and management. Let us know what we can do for you!

JörgFounder and Owner
moved from Bavaria to Bali in 2003 and built NBDC. Still enjoying diving and teaching how to dive.
LailaFounder and Owner
originally from Ternate, moved to Bali in 2004 to manage a pearl farm and ended up building NBDC. Still enjoying diving.
MinxiOffice Manager
joined in 2012 and worked in kitchen and room service for some time before she moved to the admin side. Meanwhile running the show there.
EkaKitchen and Room Service
joined in 2007. While most team members eventually leave us when getting married and having children, Eka has continued working for us with short interruptions.
TiniKitchen and Room Service
joined in 2016 after several years of being our vegetable-delievery contact. Still running her village type small scale version of Grab.
NoniSpa Therapist
joined in 2013. Used to be among the schoolgirls performing traditional dances at our place. Meanwhile she has become the trainer of the little dancers.
joined in 2014. Demonstrating acrobatic skills when it comes to cutting branches at the top of a tree. Likes to forget he's not supposed to bring his dog.
Ida Bagus
Ida BagusSecurity
joined in 2009. Former policeman and father of an active policeman. Noone would even think about messing with us while he is on duty.
Mangku Mandra
Mangku MandraSecurity
joined in 2012. Being a priest, he is also leading the many ceremonies that are required on Balinese land, like the anniversary of our temple and the blessing of machines and vehicles.
KokoKitchen and Room Service
joined in 2018 right after graduating from SMA. Always working in contagiously good mood.
WinaKitchen and Room Service
joined in 2019. Used to be classmate of Koko who brought her to the team when we had the latest opening.
joined in 2012 as a trained gardener. Had worker and not afraid of even helping the boat crew on the ocean, if needed.
joined in 2015 as part of our security team. His ability to impress with sunglasses makes us fear he might leave one day for a career as bad guy in Bollywood.
joined in 2019. Working on a corn field at home. Sometimes some of the gardening tasks seem to be too easy for him.
YeniSpa Therapist
joined in 2019 and was trained by Noni and Ayu. Meanwhile all their skills are almost undistinguishable.